4 Proven Tips to Prevent Car Lockout Situations

efgOne of the frustrating situation encountered by most of us, one or other time in life is being locked out of a car. The only individual that can help in coping up with this problem is an experienced emergency locksmith. An expert automotive lock technician can unlock all types of car locks without risking any damage to the door.

Never try to unlock a vehicle lock yourself, as complications may arise that may demand lock replacement or costly repairs. It’s good to call in a professional Sherwood Park car lockout locksmith who can unlock the door using specialized equipments and tools.

Few ways to follow in routine to prevent car lockout:

1. Check for the keys before getting out of the car: This is an easy preventive measure that should be turned into a habit. Do take out the keys and put them inside your pocket every time before getting out of the car. Its good to double check them before locking the vehicle. Always make sure that the keys are kept handy before exiting. Avoid placing them on the passenger seat, dashboard, or anywhere else inside the vehicle.

2. Keep a spare key in your wallet: Ask the Sherwood Park automotive locksmith to construct a spare car key for emergency situations. Carry it along with you by storing it inside a handbag or a wallet. Its advised not to put the extra key in an inaccessible place such as in a glove compartment or under the seat. Keep a duplicate key in your home or with a friend who can help you out during an emergency.

3. Avoid carrying keys in the jacket’s pocket: Many people are fond of storing keys in the pockets of their blazer, cardigan or jacket. This mistake can lead to a car lockout situation, as these upper clothing’s are often left hanged up on the driver seat. To avoid getting locked out, its necessary to make a habit of placing car keys in the trouser pocket.

4. Make use of a weighted key chain: Attaching the keys in a key chain can reduce the chances of loosing them. Place the keys in a lanyard and tie it around your wrist or neck. The weight of the lanyard will remind you that the keys are safe. Choose a metallic key chain that makes a jangling sound. This sound will alert you whenever the keys fall down, thereby, preventing the situation of lost keys.

These were the few easy tips that can help in avoiding car lockouts. Sherwood Park 24/7 Locksmith is a reputed lock company in Sherwood Park that offers top-notch solutions for all residential, commercial and automotive lock needs at affordable prices.


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